Buying a Condo vs a House in Los Angeles

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So you are ready to stop renting but can’t decide whether to buy a house or condo in Los Angeles ? Deciding whether to buy a house or condo in Los Angles should not be taken lightly because they are very different and will affect your everyday life. You should consider certain factors before you decide on buying either one of the two.


If privacy is of concern to you, then you have to concentrate more on trying to buy a house instead of a condo. Condos are not the best option if you are concerned about because of a number of reasons. The most common problem with regards to privacy that most condo owners get to experience is the sharing of walls because you get to easily hear or get disturbed by the people that you share the wall with. Meanwhile if you have a house, you can get to enjoy it without sharing any walls with the neighbours. You also get to have your own outdoor area without sharing it.

Maintenance Costs

The maintenance costs  are much lower if you own a condo than if you own a house because the only maintenance you will be responsible for, are for your unit meanwhile if you own your own house, you will have to be responsible for the landscaping,security and other outdoor costs. Even utilities are much more lower when you own a condo than a house.


You have more freedom to have renovations to your house than you do with a condo. It’s impossible to single handedly decide when and how to renovate your outdoor space if you own a condo but you can decide how and what to add to your outdoor area if you own a house. Even if you want to renovate your unit, you will need to seek approval from the homeowners association.

So if you are not sure whether to buy a condo or a house, you need to make a full list of what you wish your future house should have and then make an informed choice after than.

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